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CEO Message

CEO Message
InfoTech President Troy Hawk
Troy Hawk
President & CEO
InfoTechEducation Corporation
At a very young age I was lucky enough to have been introduced to someone who took the time to introduce and teach me various concepts and skills related to computer science (CS) and information technology (IT). This learning sparked my interest in the fields, fields which I may not have othewise known about or had exposure to if it had not been for these experiences. Like now, CS/IT was not taught in schools, and not promoted much among youth in low income - urban areas, like the one in which I grew up. The things that I learned during these experiences changed my life, and I am grateful to have been given such opportunities.

After high school I went to college and studied mathematics and computer science, and earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, and an M.S. in Mathematics Ed. I continued with PhD studies (ABD) in Applied Computer Science.

I've spent nearly two decades tinkering in IT, creating web applications and computer programs. I have created, built, and ran multiple internet based businesses, which in turn created new jobs and entreprenurial opportunities for many. I have taught related college courses as an adjunct professor at Valencia College, Strayer University, Columbia College, Colorado Technical University, and others over the years.

Now my dream is to build this organization into one that helps as many of our youth and kids, who otherwise might not have the opportunity elsewhere, to learn to code. We teach them how to create computer programs and applications, to develop mobile apps, they learn robotics, game coding, in addition to math concepts.

Through my leadership, this organization will place at least seventy percent of its outreach efforts on helping underserved, underrepresented groups learn about computer science, and other IT concepts important for their future, the future of the country, the economy, and national security. This organization desires to significantly increase interest in pursuing CS among underserved/underrepresented youth, and all who have great potential to do well in the field.

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